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Created with Love, having its seat at Gilužio street 8-31, LT-06279 Vilnius (here in after–Created with Love or We) in this privacy notice (hereinafter–the Privacy Notice) defines the procedure and the key principles of the user’s (here in after–Your) who uses e-shop and (or) purchases products, personal data collection, processing and storage.  

Personal data refers to any information that allows identifying You directly or indirectly. Personal data includes surname, name, date of birth, email address or postal address, internet identifier.

Created with Love exclusively collects and stores Your personal data required for the operations of Created with Love. We process personal data legitimately, fairly and honestly for the purposes identified in advance and to the extent, it is required to achieve the identified goals. By processing personal data, we make efforts to ensure that Your personal data are complete, correct, confidential and properly stored.

To process Your personal data, we follow the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation, the Law on Personal Data Protection of the Republic of Lithuania and the requirements for data processing set forth in applicable laws.

Personal data collection, storage and use

We collect Your personal data, when you disclose them for purchasing or making efforts to purchase the products from us when You use our website or e-shop, or where You have other relations with Created with Love, such as, create Your personal account in our e-shop, deliver product enquiries, sign up for our newsletters, participate in games etc.

We collect and process Your personal data on the below grounds:

  • To conclude and (or) perform an agreement with You (e.g., we intend to identify You, process Your orders, submit purchase and (or) financial documents, ensure product quality, resolve the issues related to product delivery or replacement etc., to provide You with particular information about Created with Love, its operations, product range etc.;
  • Deliver direct marketing offers, information about our games and loyalty campaigns subject to your consent. For direct marketing, games and loyalty campaigns, your personal data will be collected and processed only against your early consent. If you disclose your data by using Facebook, You confirm your understanding that we can send Created with Love service offers to Your contact telephone or email. You have the right to withhold your consent, or to revoke it at any later time;
  • After obtaining Your consent to process personal data. Subject to Your consent, we collect and process Your data, if You, when disclosing them, explicitly agree with their use, also when it can be concluded that you have agreed that Your data will be used for a particular purpose (such as newsletter subscription, participation in surveys, lotteries or price-winning activities by placing an application or by responding to any requests for personal data);
  • Where Created with Love is obliged to process personal data under applicable laws, or where personal data processing is required to accommodate legal interests of Created with Love (if a data subject’s interests do not override these interests).

What data we collect:

  • For the purposes of trading or direct marketing, we may collect the bellow personal data: forms of address such as Mr. or Mrs, full name, email address, telephone number, address, date of birth, gender.
  • We also collect data on how You use our website and e-shop by placing cookies or using similar internet browsing-related technologies.
  • Subject to Your consent, we may collect other data to the extent and for the purposes defined when obtaining Your consent, e.g., we may ask for other personal data required for invoicing, delivery of products, warranty service or responding to your enquiries.

Data transfer to other parties: 

Created with Love may transfer Your personal data to other undertakings i.e. Created with Love has the right to engage other companies to assist its trading activities (such as issue financial documents, deliver products to You etc.) or direct marketing (such as, generate newsletters, organized games etc.). We require that our partners process Your personal data exclusively according to our instructions and applicable laws governing the issues of personal data protection.

Created with Love guarantees that Your personal data will not be disclosed, leased or otherwise illegally transferred to third parties, or used to the purposes other than they have been originally collected. However, we reserve the right to disclose the information about You, if we are required to do so within the procedure defined in applicable laws.

As a data subject, you have the following rights: 

  1. To know (be informed) that Your personal data are processed;
  2. To get access to Your own personal data processed by Created with Love;
  3. To request that incorrect, incomplete or inaccurate data are rectified;
  4. To request that Your personal data are destroyed, when they are no longer necessary for the purposes they have been collected;
  5. To request that Your personal data are destroyed if they are processed illegally, or if you withdraw or withhold Your consent to process personal data when it is necessary;
  6. You have the right to object to personal data processing or to withdraw Your previously given consent; 
  7. To request that Your personal data processing, except for storage, is suspended in case of pending disputes or where it is necessary to verify the legitimacy of processing, the accurateness of personal data, also in cases, when You no longer need Your data, but You do not want them to be destroyed by us;
  8. If it is feasible from a technical point of view, You have the right to request that Your personal data collected for the purposes of the agreement or subject to Your consent are provided to You in an easily readable form, or to request that Your personal data are transferred to any other data controller;
  9. Any requests in respect of Your personal data may be presented personally, by post or by electronic means of communication. You can find contact details for dealing with the request here. When we receive Your request, we may ask for the documents or information that enable us to identify You, also for any additional details related to Your request. 
  10. When we receive Your request, we shall respond within maximum 30 calendar days from the date of Your request and submission of the documents required for us to respond to Your request. If You make a request in writing, we shall also respond in writing and notify You about the decision we have made and (or) the actions we have undertaken in addition to the information you requested. 
  11. If necessary, we shall suspend further processing of Your personal data, except for storage, until Your request has been handled. If you legitimately withdraw Your consent, we shall immediately, but no later than within 30 calendar days suspend the processing of Your personal data, except for the cases laid down in applicable laws. 
  12. If we refuse to satisfy Your request, we shall explicitly explain the reasons for refusal. 
  13. We provide Your personal data to You free of charge once per calendar year. Where requests from You are excessive, we may charge a reasonable fee taking into account the administrative costs of providing the information or communication or taking the action requested.  
  14. If You are not happy about our actions or response to Your request, You have the right to appeal against our actions and decisions to the State Data Protection Inspectorate. 

Created with Love is working hard to allow You to implement Your, as a data subject’s, right; however, we reserve the right to deny Your requests, when this is necessary to ensure:

  1. Implementation of our legal obligations;
  2. State security and defense;
  3. Public order, prevention, investigation, detection of crimes or prosecution;
  4. Compliance with significant public economic and financial interests;
  5. Prevention, investigation and detection of the official or professional ethics violations; 

 Facebook data protection

Created with Love website uses plugins. The owner of this social network is “Facebook Inc.”, 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA („Facebook”).

When using our websites, You open website pages with this plugin and connect to Facebook servers, Your browser receives a corresponding notification and the plugin appears on the page. In this way, Facebook delivers information about the history of Your browsing on our website. If You are a registered Facebook user, Facebook assigns this information to Your personal Facebook account. If You use plugin functions (e.g. press Like or leave a comment), these data are also assigned to Your Facebook account. If You do not want Facebook to collect Your data via our network, prior to visiting our website, You should logout from Facebook.

We have no influence over the extent of the information collected by Facebook with this plugin, therefore, we deliver you the information within our current level of knowledge. For more information on the data collected and used by Facebook, the rights You have in this respect and Your privacy protection extent You can wind in Facebook privacy notifications.

Right to object

If we process Your personal data subject to Your consent, You have the right to withdraw Your consent for all or any part of data processing steps at any time. Withdrawal of Your consent does not automatically oblige us to destroy Your data or provide You with the information on Your personal data we process. Therefore, if You want us to do so, You are required to place a separate request in this regard. 

If You want to implement Your right to object to data processing, please contact us at Created with Love,  Gilužio street 8-31 Vilnius LT-06279 or email to

Updating the rules

Due to continuous technical progress or changes in the legislation, we may update or change this Privacy Notice fully or partially without any prior notice. Therefore, we kindly ask you to read the most up-to-date version of our Privacy Notice prior to making use of our offers.


Created with Love website may contain links to third parties’ websites, products or services, also to the social network extensions (such as Facebook). This Privacy Notice does not extend to third parties’ websites, services and content, therefore, Created with Love urgently invites You to read third parties’ privacy protection policies. We do not accept liability for possibly illegal content of on a third party website or other violations of laws.

Enquiry to Created with Love

Should You have any concerns related to our Privacy Notice, do not hesitate to contact us by email Be sure to specify “Data protection” in the subject line of Your email.